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Jewelry Consulting

How Can a Jewelry Consultant Help Grow Your Business? The jewelry industry is set to continue growing at a remarkable pace. With the increase in consumers purchasing jewelry in America and around the world, it is a good time to be the owner of a jewelry company. But, business as...

What We Do

Our Purpose is to assist the Jewelry Manufacturing Business Owner reach their Business Goals. We serve in whatever area or capacity that is most useful for the development of the business. From top management to bench jeweler and front-line staff. We can provide knowledge and training to develop and grow...


The mission of Premiere Jewelry Consulting is to help business owners and corporations in the jewelry industry make the right strategic decisions to empower their brands and drive business growth.   We provide support to businesses that need to respond to the competitive environment, globalization and technological advances in the...

About us

“Premiere Jewelry Consulting offers professional guidance to businesses and brands that want to be successful in the modern jewelry world. We are built on experience, passion and knowledge that spans decades of evolution in jewelry worldwide.”

Alfredo Oriza, Founder/Owner

We have the Tools and Experience to Optimize your Jewelry Business!